Planning a career as a SAP consultant in the area of ​​human resources

SAP HCM and the cloud solution SAP SuccessFactors contain all the processes that modern human resource management needs today. In addition to the complex administrative tasks, these processes now also include all strategic and increasingly important issues such as recruiting, the promotion of young talent or personnel development. SAP consultants in the field of human resource management who implement and modify these systems on the basis of detailed analyzes are therefore increasingly in demand from SAP system houses. But how can you make a career in this important area of ​​digital business organization?

The existence and growth of companies are essentially based on motivation and competence of their employees. Establishing, maintaining and administering a committed workforce is the task of the HR departments, which thus represent a central pillar of the company organization.

SAP HCM reduces the administrative time required by HR departments

If you look at the If you take a closer look at the activities of HR departments, these still largely consist of administrative tasks. Payroll, administration of time accounts or master data maintenance – all these basic HR processes are time-consuming.

Through the use of SAP HCM or SuccessFactors, the SAP complete solution for personnel management from the cloud, and its sub-modules it is possible to digitize many of these processes. Because SAP HCM is a complete human resource management system.

It contains all functionalities that are necessary to efficiently manage the workforce of a company and to further develop it in a targeted and strategic manner. In times of staff shortages in general and a shortage of skilled workers in particular, the latter is essential for the continued existence of the company.

More time for strategic topics such as recruiting

Because with digitization, standardized administrative tasks are handled more efficiently and optimally take a back seat to everyday work. The HR departments should be enabled to deal more intensively with key strategic issues such as recruiting, junior management, succession planning and employee development.

The SAP ERP modules in the field of human resources:

  • SuccessFactors / HCM – personnel management (Human Capital Management)
  • PA – Personnel Management
  • PB – Recruitment
  • PT – Personnel Time Management
  • PY – Payroll
  • PE – Training and Event Management
  • PD – Personnel Development
  • OM – Organizational Management
  • CP – personnel cost planning
  • TM – promotion of young talent (talent management)

Interface function from SAP Consultants in human resources

SAP consultants in human resources play a central role in this business environment.

  • They act as interfaces between IT and users.
  • You analyze the usual processes in companies and derive the requirements for the SAP software from them.
  • You advise the client on the implementation, the necessary adjustments to internal processes and the customization of the HCM modules.
  • SAP consultants support the roll-out in the company and moderate necessary change processes.

Soft skills at the SAP consultant in HR -Area

Business organizations sometimes behave like clumsy tankers. The smallest changes in direction sometimes require great efforts.

SAP consultants are therefore not just organizational professionals and software specialists. You also need soft skills in the areas of conflict management or presentation.

Consultants will only achieve the goals set in the company through well-thought-out communication. And only in this way can they deliver the results that meet the wishes of the client.

The skills of a successful SAP expert are therefore based on solid training, which is supplemented by special training. Communication skills are also required.

The first step in your career: Trainee as SAP HR consultant

Trainee programs offered by relevant IT consulting firms last between four and twelve months.

A passion for information technology and a university degree are prerequisites for successful participation. Graduates of the business informatics, economics, mathematics, computer science or human resources management courses currently have a good chance of being accepted into trainee programs. However, they should have a strong affinity for IT topics.

In addition, communication skills and assertiveness are required. The willingness to be highly mobile and a strong customer focus are also relevant.

The trainee programs provide training to analyze business processes in the HR environment. These analyze then have to be implemented in the SAP modules. In addition, it is taught how to design processes and configure them in SAP HCM or SuccessFactors. This is practiced on the basis of real scenarios in order to prepare the trainee for work in customer projects realistically.

In addition, skills in ABAP interface programming are taught, skills in project management are built up and soft skills are improved. The trainee program ends with an official certification as a SAP consultant.

From junior to senior consultant in SAP SuccessFactors

As a newly certified SAP consultant, you will initially be deployed in teams who work on specific customer projects with SAP HCM.

This involves implementation and customizing of the software. You support the departments in the technical implementation and implementation of process optimization and IT HR system solutions.

As a junior consultant, you will work interdisciplinary and jointly with other IT HR departments on SAP projects to harmonize global HCM Processes. You are also involved in:

  • support
  • training
  • testing
  • and optimization of the SAP Talent Management Suite or the SuccessFactors BizX Suite.

In order to take the next career step as a senior consultant, IT consulting companies and SAP system houses require very good knowledge of the SAP modules as well as proof of successfully completed customer projects.

To do this, you usually need several years of professional experience in advising customers on the introduction of SAP Success Factors or the relevant SAP HR modules.

You will find employment in a responsible position in advising and supporting customers in the improvement and further development of their SAP Success Factors solutions as well as the implementation of HR process optimizations.

The key here is recording, analysis and rectification reported error situations. You will also check and test business processes on the delivery and customer systems.

You will be responsible for negotiating and documenting the budgets and workloads of your team that you put together.

Conclusion: your career as a SAP HR Consultant

HR processes are extremely important for all companies. When digitizing these processes or transferring them to the cloud, SAP consultants have to proceed with great expertise and a great deal of sensitivity. That is why successful career paths in this area are based on excellently completed courses together with thorough training and further education.

If you then work on customer projects with high motivation and complete them successfully, nothing stands in the way of a career as a senior consultant. In times of staff shortages and a shortage of skilled workers, efficient and highly productive personnel management in companies is too important.

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