Why SAP HANA offers career opportunities for SAP consultants

For SAP consultants, HANA is a career turbo. SAP HANA is a database platform for business data. What is special is that HANA processes the transactions and analyzes in real time. On board are new analysis routines that can process more data faster than ever.

Areas of application of SAP HANA

With HANA, the SAP world has made the leap into the world of digitization, real-time data processing and big data in recent years. The leap in development was made possible because the SAP databases run much more efficiently with HANA than was previously the case.

From 2010, SAP had accelerated digitization in companies with HANA. The high-performance analysis application uses the latest, relational database management. It is the ignition stage for the next evolutionary leap in real-time data analysis.

As the basis of the ERP solution SAP S / 4, the database core technology HANA has become an indispensable part of the SAP world. HANA is not just any database architecture. Rather, HANA is the foundation of current SAP systems and therefore all future developments.

HANA is developing dynamically and is scalable

HANA has long been the central success factor of SAP. The database backend is continuously being developed with new releases. The provider does not only focus on more and more performance and speed. An important target area is also the ability to react to the current demand for computing power.

Result: HANA can now be used extremely flexibly. Companies can freely scale database solutions on this technology basis.

HANA also runs on premise, in the cloud and as a hybrid solution

It wasn’t always like this. Because while the SAP HANA architecture was initially only available as an appliance, today it also runs on customer hardware and in the cloud. This is exactly what the new flexibility brings.

SAP consultants with a focus on HANA control and promote this scalability. You are virtuoso in using the diverse infrastructure landscape. That allows for better scaling. Companies that operate HANA locally, i.e. on premise, can flexibly book additional capacity in the cloud. Then one speaks of a hybrid solution.

SAP consultants write HANA success stories

The initial wait in view of the completely new architecture of HANA is a thing of the past. Concrete, comprehensible success stories have created trust in HANA and S / 4. Companies appreciate that HANA works better and faster than previous generations of databases with huge amounts of data. The architect of such impressive solutions is usually a SAP consultant with deep HANA knowledge.

HANA requires less memory than previous database technologies. Modern compression algorithms ensure this. In addition, the relevant data is permanently available in the main memory. The storage, retrieval, processing and analysis of data has become many times faster with HANA. The demand for corresponding implementations then increased sharply.

Use globalization and big data with HANA solutions

HANA database solutions open up completely new application possibilities. They make companies fit for big data solutions, which are of central importance in the course of digitization and globalization. HANA also helps companies with challenges such as the anonymization of personal data at the moment of processing.

HANA jobs are attractive for SAP consultants

As a result of the many new opportunities, HANA has created excellent, exciting jobs for the SAP consultant. HANA positions at senior level are well paid. Such consultants help companies manage the increasingly diverse IT environments.

The goal is always that management has to deal with the complexity of the database systems as little as possible. But on the contrary. The database systems with their real-time analysis should support the management.

SAP solutions based on skillful HANA implementation are of central interest to companies. Companies who actively tackle digitization and make their data analysis efficient will be more successful.

Data-to-action steps as a competitive advantage

McKinsey assumes that digitization – Latecomers have to live with 30 percent less sales growth. In order to actively use the opportunities of digitization as a competitive advantage, so-called data-to-action steps are required. This can include, for example, creating models for machine learning based on the data.

This gives companies a new level of agility. You can evaluate your business data and market data more quickly and thus make better and more well-founded decisions much faster.

S / 4 HANA: The linchpin in your job as a SAP consultant

SAP consultants with a focus on HANA support the central company departments in the conception, analysis and optimization of business processes in S / 4 HANA. This often goes hand in hand with managerial responsibility in projects.

  • A consultant who specializes in HANA analyzes business processes.
  • The HANA consultant defines requirements for data analysis.
  • He creates specific SAP business cases that match the requirements of the specialist departments.
  • Solution concepts and SAP HANA system concepts are also created by a SAP consultant with a focus on HANA.

SAP consultants who manage projects based on HANA have a high level of responsibility. Using classic or agile methods, they develop HANA-based solutions for business intelligence and analytics. The range of tasks starts with the definition of the data relevant for a project and continues through the modeling of the same to the development of dashboards and applications.

Knowledge of data warehouse solutions and business intelligence are helpful

To work with HANA, SAP consultants need in-depth knowledge of data warehouse solutions and applications in the field of business intelligence. They are just as familiar with SAP HANA solutions as the underlying platforms, such as Windows or Linux in the form of SUSE, Red Hat and others.

Basic projects such as release changes and migrations are also part of the job

Knowledge of database administration is absolutely essential. The SAP consultant with a focus on HANA should know a variety of possible architectures such as Sybase, Oracle or MS SQL.

A SAP consultant with a HANA focus should also be able to handle basic projects in the SAP area from Carry out and control the area of ​​system administration, such as release changes and various forms of migrations. The SAP HANA consultant should also be very familiar with high availability in the SAP environment on modern hardware.

HANA-focused SAP consultants must understand the needs of all business areas. Because even if the database systems have become faster than ever thanks to HANA and can analyze ever larger amounts of data in ever shorter time: In the end, all that counts is that the knowledge gained through business intelligence, data warehouse and similar disciplines is also reflected in measurable business results.

Classic soft skills such as the ability to work in a team, the gift of clear communication and goal orientation are therefore of great importance. Because one thing is clear: the faster companies process and interpret ever larger amounts of data, the more in demand are experts who can explain such complexity within the company. They help all departments to distinguish relevant data from the background noise and to draw the right conclusions in the end.

SAP consultants with a HANA focus provide orientation

Therefore, SAP consultants with a focus on HANA are an indispensable guide in times of international competition, rapid technological advances and ever shorter response times. He has a responsible job with good career opportunities – and an extremely exciting one.

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